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  • +91-8193800019, 8193814961

Vision & Mission


  • Be a beacon for the development of leadership through rigorous training to the youth of India.
  • To Provide the requisite educational standards and acquire the needed mental & Physical Qualities & Standards. These are essential to join the national defence academy, Indian military academy, Indian Naval Academy, Air Force Academy.
  • To Provide the requisite guidance & environment to develop the character, self-confidence, & most important leadership qualities required to successfully address & qualify the SSB.
  • Inculcate the ethical and moral values to develop the honor code. This help students address all three stage of Defence selection successfully.
  • To prepare students from myriad backgrounds to develop qualities of body, mind, and character for them to be suitable candidates for Defence Academies.


  • To develop the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual quotient of the students and fan the spark of leadership into a blazing fire.
  • Anchor Academy  has been conceived with the motive of bringing quality education and environment to students. For equipping the students with the required qualities of mind, Bode and Character for being a successful candidate to join for Defence Academy.
  • The academy aims at rendering yeoman service to the students, parents, & Nation by providing a quality environment and education. The students coming from various strata of the society to take up an illustrious career as an officer in the armed force of the Indian Union.
  • To provide for the Defence officers as mentors and UPSE qualified faculty to each student to equip the student with the knowledge, skills, & values necessary to meet the requirement of a defence officer through academic and character development.