Anchor Academy Dehradun has a crystal clear mission to fulfill the dreams of those students who want to go in Defence and Merchant Navy.

Welcome to Anchor Academy

We at Anchor Academy are proud of our growing reputation as a provider of quality Marine Education [Coaching] to all those aspiring students who are willing to develop their career within Marine Industry [Merchant Navy – Nationally and internationally].

Our concentration is on coaching our students both practically and scientifically, so that they can utilize their understanding to face future confidently.

Anchor Academy also trains you in joining Defence, Para Military and other services, if you are qualified and willing to join such services.

If you have a passion to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces, Anchor Academy gives you a platform to fulfill your dreams and meet your target in life.

Our Selected students
Ankit Singh Rana​
Ankit Singh Rana

Rank: Deck Officer
From: Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand

Firoj Ahemad​
Firoj Ahmad

Rank: Deck Officer
From: CSM Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Garvit Kumar Sisodia​
Garvit Kumar Sisodia

Rank: Deck Officer
From: Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh

Ashwin Bishnoi
Ashwin Bishnoi

Rank: Deck Officer
From: Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh

Ankit Vishwakarma​
Ankit Vishwakarma

Rank:Deck Officer
From: Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

our vision

Our vision is to place every student by sharping his skills, transparency and raising the morale.

our mission

Anchor Academy has a crystal clear mission  to fulfill the dreams of those students who want to go in Defence and Merchant Navy.

our objective

The Objective of Anchor Academy is to develop skills among the young aspirants in reasonable time.

History Of Anchor Academy

Anchor Academy was established in the year 2006 with a mission to fulfill the dreams of those students who want to go in Defence and Merchant Navy.

With reference to the work history, a lot of students have been placed in Defence and Merchant Navy as per the strict guidelines of Anchor Academy.
We believe in the current and future skill requirements of the shipping industry and assist to meet identified needs that contribute to long term competitiveness, develop the potential of individuals and help Shipping Industry to secure the skills base.
anchor academy

From The Director's Desk

The fundamental aim of the institute is to transform young, dynamic cadets into a professional, capable Engineer and Master to face the challenges on the sea.

Our faculty members have decades of experience both in academics as well as industry, and have an in-depth understanding of shipboard responsibilities.

The Institute takes effort to provide relevant academic programs of practical and real world knowledge in order to empower the cadets to achieve professional and personal success in today’s competitive, diverse and dynamic society by providing excellent learning-support facilities, faculty and infrastructure.

The Shipping Industry offers job opportunities for thousands of people in India. Shipping job is one of the oldest careers offered with charm, income and a unique lifestyle.

So I invite youngsters who like to ride on the tides and fulfil their dreams.

Wish you all the Best…!

Anchor Academy

Principal's Message

Dear Students,

I welcome you all to taste the fruit of Education in the spacious haven of our campus.

It is not that you are acquiring subject knowledge and will pursue the degree at end of spending a span of four years in our college, But more than that the attitude towards perfection is nurtured, So that you could peruse perfection relentlessly at the end of your course.

Our tireless faculties are keenly striving hard to inculcate good and healthy habits and ultimately mould the pleasing personality of the students in all their facets.

They stead fatly understand, appreciate and applaud in a amicable manner to attain flawless perfection and glitter as an embellished person in future.

The pros of our institution is world beating output, best practice setup, a high level of intrinsic motivation among the students.

I am proud to say that the congenial atmosphere of the college provides an ample of chance to the inquisitive minds to learn, express, explore, expose and exhibit their efficiency while climbing up the ladder of success not only within the campus but also in the global environment.

Being an anchorman, I do hope you are admitted to the branch of study that you wish to opt for and steered towards achieving your set goal.

Anchor Academy


Dehradun Campus


We have a campus in Dehradun in the heart of the city.

In Dehradun campus, we provide theoretical knowledge along with the high quality video conferencing with rich and updated courses that belongs to the exact and vital information.

The location of the campus is easily accessible.


Bijnor Campus

The Chairman Mr. Nagendra Singh owns a Basic Training Academy at Near Barrage, Meerut Road, Dist. Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India where the Training campus is established.

The campus spread over 2 acres, also caters for boarding and lodging facility for students.

The students are admitted in these academies and after a basic training of about three months they are sent to DG approved Training Institutes for Pre Sea Training.

On completion of training they are suitably placed in various Shipping Companies across the world.

bijnor campus
dehradun office

Anchor Academy
17-C Raipur Road, Opp V-Mart, Dehradun 248001, Uttarakhand, India

+91 81938 00019 , +91 97566 45678, +91 135 265 1681

Bijnor office

Anchor Academy
Near Ganga Barrage, Meerut Road, Dist. Bijnor, 246701, Uttar Pradesh, India

+91 81938 00019 , +91 97566 45678, +91 135 265 1681

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Anchor Academy.

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