Academic Facilities

Class Room
A large number of naturally ventilated are equipped with modern audio-visual aids. Subjects that require specialized equipment to be used during instruction are taught in suitably equipped, dedicated rooms.

Each classroom can accommodate up to 40 students, and larger drawing halls are available when required.


class room
Academic Facilities

Work Shop

A marine officer operating in the self contained environment of a ship at sea must be capable of effectively using the tools available onboard to accomplish the maintenance, repair and operational demands of the job.

To impart this competency, our Engineering program rely heavily on practical training, conducted at the custom built and equipped workshop. Students are given hands-on training in the proper use of tools, safe practices, equipment characteristics as well as repair and maintenance procedures under the supervision and guidance of the experienced faculty.


Computer Facility
The campus has one modern Center of Technical Support (CTS) equipped with high performance servers and workstations. A wealth of software and several operating system platforms provide extensive opportunities and capabilities for advancing computer skills and allow the use of modern teaching methods like computer simulation and computer based instruction.

Anchor Academy is keenly aware of the importance of computers in all professions and will ensure that these facilities keep evolving to keep pace with the needs of students to develop a high degree of proficiency in computers related to their discipline.

computer lab
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